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Start IoT Forum FAQ

How do I access the forum?

You can access the Start IoT Forum here It is free to access and does not require a login to read and browse

Why do you have a forum? What can I do with it?

The forum is here for discussing all things IoT! You can get support from one of our experts, or one of the community. From time to time we will post news and updates as well, so it's a great way for us to keep contact with our users and community!

Do I need an account?

You don't need an account to browse and read posts, however to create a new post you will need to create a new account. Fortunately that's easy and free!

How do I ask a question?


  1. Sign up
  2. Login
  3. Search for your question, you might find the answer already
  4. If you can't find what you are looking for, pick the appropriate category and post a new topic! We've kept the number of categories small to make this easier. You can also find a short guide in each category.

I've read everything here, and I still need help!

No worries!

  • The forum is available to browse without an account, so have a look and maybe your question is answered
  • If you're account is working, and you can post, then please ask in the Start IoT category of the forum
  • If all else fails send us a mail

Is there an App?

Yes! there is!

Click '+' and use to add the forum. You can browse without logging in of course, otherwise click 'Connect' to sign-in to the forum


Please note we do not provide this app, or support it. If you have issues you can ask in the forum in the Start IoT category though!

Sign-up & Accounts FAQ

How do I register a new account?

  1. Click the "Sign Up" button in the top banner

  2. Choose an authorization provider (Telenor OpenID Connect or GitHub)

  3. Follow the instructions for your provider

  • GitHub

    • sign into your GitHub Account and authorize startiot-discourse


  • Telenor OpenID Connect

    • sign into your Telenor ID account using either mobile or email

  • You will be redirected to the forum page, where you will create your account. GitHub/Telenor OpenID Connect will automatically fill in the details

    • The email address field is provided by GitHub/Telenor ID and cannot be changed - please ensure it is the mail registered with GitHub/Telenor ID
    • Update your Username
    • Providing your real name is optional, you can remove this if you would like.*
    • Click "Create your account" to finish the process!

  • Welcome to the Forum!

* please remember the forum is open for reading, as such if you provide your name, it will be visible on your posts.

How does sign-up work? What is an authorization provider?

  • Start IoT Forum uses OpenID to manage the login process. Many companies (such as GitHub, Telenor, Facebook, Google, Apple etc) provide OpenID backends, this allows users to use a single account to login to multiple services, like Start IoT. Even though the same account is used, the applications (like Start IoT) are managed separately, you can revoke access to one application without impacting the others. Each Application also only has access to small parts of your account - for example Start IoT only has access to your email address and only to read it.
  • Start IoT uses GitHub and Telenor OpenID Connect as our authorization providers

Why do I need to create an account after authorizing access? Didn't I already do this?

  • GitHub/Telnor OpenID Connect are only providing authorization (they take care of the username/password part of logging in), however your account in the Start IoT Forum is still local to Start IoT. The posts you make, your profile etc are all inside the Start IoT Forum. GitHub/Telnor OpenID Connect just check that your username and password are correct. The rest is inside our Forum, hence it is a two step process

What is Telenor OpenID Connect?

  • Telenor OpenID Connect is just an OpenID provider operated by Telenor

Which should I use? Telenor OpenID or Github?

  • If you already have an account with one of these providers, you should use that for simplicity!
    • GitHub is useful if you plan to use any of our code samples as they are stored in GitHub
    • Telenor OpenID Connect is useful if you just want access to the forum

Is it safe to connect my accounts?

  • yes! You are always in control of the integration.
  • Start IoT only requires access to your email from your provider. See below for how to manage your accounts

What if I don't have either Telenor OpenID Connect or GitHub, can I still create an account?

  • Yes! You can create an account in Telenor OpenID Connect (or GitHub) - follow the sign-up process above, at the sign-in step for both GitHub and Telenor OpenID Connect, there are links to create accounts. Also see above for guidance on which option to choose

Why do you only support Telenor Connect OpenID and GitHub? Why not Facebook/Google.. or email accounts?

  • Firstly we don't support local accounts as that requires us to manage usernames and passwords, which is something we don't want to do. The OpenID providers are great at handling login's and so we leave the heavy lifting to them! An account using an email address would be a local account, hence we don't directly support sign up by email
  • There is a limit to the number of providers we can reasonably support, GitHub is a great option for developers, and Telenor OpenID provides an excellent alternative.

What if I want to use a diferent mail address?

  • If you would like to use an email that is diferent to that you use for GitHub or Telenor OpenID Connect then the best option is to create a new Telenor OpenID Connect account using that email address. If your concern is spam or mail filtering, all mail from the Start IoT Forum will come from which you can filter on. You are in control of your notifications settings within your forum account preferences (see below). Your mail address is only used for notifications from the forum itself.

How do I manage my accounts?


  • Once you have set up your account, you can click on your profile picture (top right) -> person icon -> Preferences


  • You can control the integration (for example revoke access) through the Authorized OAuth Apps Tab in GitHub

Telenor OpenID Connect

  • You can manage the integration (for example revoke access) through the Telenor ID Portal